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Los Angeles Model Agency – Hello LA! Your favorite model agency is now in LA. Become a model, application, castings, now also in California, one of the most beautiful states in the USA. You always wanted to become a model at CM? You have already applied for LA or never? Now is your chance! Apply online now or come to one of the next live castings. Here is some first information about LA.

Becoming a model and castings: News

Indeed, the big dream has come true and we are opening our first office in Los Angeles! On January 12th we will start, the official start and probably also the prelude for a lot of work. With CM Models, we have built up a strong agency over the last few years that is popular with our clients. With international jobs, in Europe and America. If you have already become from Los Angeles, but have not had an agency invitation yet, second chance? And also if you have not had any contact with our agency so far, it is the opportunity to apply for a job in our model agency.

Here are some first tips for your model application in Los Angeles and the process.

Model Requirements in Los Angeles

For models there are many requirements, e.g. in height, weight, as well as in the resulting proportions. Also in Los Angeles there are strict measurements when it comes to international fashion customers, commercials and fashion shows. Of course there are always exceptions, the spirit of the times is changing the fashion world, the media but also advertising. What we as a model agency, also our model scouts pay special attention to, are e.g. small, extra highlights like freckles or tooth gaps. So there is no perfect model, not even in LA. But as a model you come very close to the ideal of beauty. As described above, it is not possible to summarize it all in one place, e.g. by giving a few guidelines.

For female models the ideal case is

  • Body height women 174 to 180 cm
  • Beautiful and / or striking face >/li>
  • Slim proportions

For Male Models is the ideal case:

  • Body height from 184 to about 192 cm
  • Slim and athletic proportions
  • Muscle build-up must not be too extreme
  • Cutie or striking

As described, if you really want to become a model, you should try it and just send an application. Then you will see if the model scout will get back to you or if you will not get any feedback. If you want to apply with us, you will find some important information right away! Before we start, let’s have a short look at the typical way to a model contract. How do you become tomorrow? How do you get discovered as a model?

Becoming a model in LA: 3 ways to a model contract

There are 3 ways to become a model.

  1. Scouting on the road or instagram
  2. Online application with Polaroids
  3. Open Model Agency Casting >/li>

Let’s have a look at the 3 ways, their advantages and disadvantages, in detail.

Scouting on the road or instagram

The most direct and immediate way to a new contract in Los Angeles is to be discovered by one of the model agency Scouts.

The very first step is a visit to our agency, here you will meet our model bookers and we will get to know you. Here it is no longer «only» primarily about height, weight, proportions, but about motivation and sympathy. This is the fastest way of all, that’s why it is described quickly.

You have been written to on Instagram?

important! Our modeling agency writes to us only and exclusively through the official Instagram channel @cocaine.models

If you have been contacted by another Instagram account, have a fake. Protect the others and report these channels!

Online application with Polaroids

The best way for you is to apply online. Here you can check quickly, free of charge and without obligation whether your type is currently being sought in our agency portfolio.

The online application is completed in a few seconds, all you need are a few contact details and Polaroids. What this is, you can read here!

Additionally you only need to send us a few initial data and information. The registration is very easy, there is a ready-made application form. You only have to fill in a few details, e.g. your name, your place of residence, your contact details such as phone and e-mail address and your height. In addition you send two photos. Ideally a portrait and a full body photo. A good description of how you take your photos can be found in the link above.

Open Model Agency Casting

Way number 3, to become a model, are open agency castings, which are offered from time to time. E.g. in the context of the Fashion Week. With us in Los Angeles you will get more frequent model casting dates in the near future.

How does an open model casting actually work? Basically, the agency wants to get to know as many people as possible in a short time. Getting to know someone live is still something different than judging someone by photos or videos. Such open model castings are relatively complex for model agencies to organize. You need a location, the right and important people, as well as bookers and scouts must have time. Nevertheless, it is worth to organize such live castings, because as described above, it is called to know the people even better!

Queue – at open castings there is often a bigger queue if 50 or 100 models are there at the same time. It is best to relax, find a comfortable place and distract yourself with your smartphone. Waiting times and patience are definitely part of a model’s job.

Model Castings: Dates in LA

You don’t want to miss casting dates in Los Angeles? Follow and very to the Instagram!

Tip + Advantage CM: We are looking for models not only for the American market, but also for the European market. An unbeatable advantage, one management for two large areas.

Here you can see for example one of our last big castings in Berlin, Germany:

Who are we? CM: The model agency

Our agency was founded in 2015 and since then we have fought our way to the top! With our team! Model Booker, Scouts, Models, Influencer, as well as accounting and international development.

  • CM is therefore not «only» a model agency, but also a management.

Another advantage that many models and Influencer appreciate so much about our concept. We do not only take care of the placement, but also of the development and international placement. So that you can work not only in your local market, not only regional and national, but international.

Jobs: fashion show, social, e-commerce, campaign & TV

For our clients in Los Angeles we are looking for models for different jobs. Starting with fittings and showrooms, for fashion retailers and buyers, to fashion shows, with something more perfect. Typical model jobs in our agency are also social media shootings, e.g. for Instagram, as well as e-commerce shootings for new collections and campaigns. Once you have mastered all these levels, you will move on to campaigns, photo shoots and commercials. With broadcast, on national TV, with streaming providers on international level, in the cinema, as well as on your smartphone, in apps or in the browser.

Here is a small overview of the different model jobs:

  • Showroom
  • Fashion Show
  • Social Media
  • E-commerce
  • Campaign
  • Commercials

Welcome to the City of Angels

From Central City via Bel Air to Hollywood, Long Beach, Venice and a little further to Malibu, not a district of LA but still beautiful and relatively close. But LA is especially famous for Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and the world famous Hollywood sign.

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Model Agency Los Angeles

What is important as a model? And, uh… what recommendations do we have for your next spontaneous trip to LA? From restaurants to hotels to the best parks to relax. Read more about our modeling agency and Los Angeles here.