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Model Agency – New talents and international Models

CM – Who are we? Our model agency arranges first-class models for advertising and fashion all over Germany and worldwide. Since the beginning of ’15 we have been present in all major cities with models in Germany: Berlin an Hamburg. Need support for international bookings? We guide you and help with selected partners in cities like London, Paris, Milan and New York. As model agency we concern ourselves not only with the customer business, but also with the to become a model . With the targeted development of young talents. Because model scouting is about finding the best talents and, like sport, it is about targeted promotion of young talent. As model agents, we make every effort to prepare our talents (models and influencers) perfectly and promote them in a targeted manner. Only with first-class management can models achieve the maximum results for our customers in advertising film shoots and photo shoots – win win for models & customers.

A model only has a few hours on the set to deliver perfect performance. Whether it’s the fashion show or advertisment photography. The special talent of a top model is to function extremely accurately during this period. We find the best talents in Germany and Europe, for you! We take care of travel planning and management as well as the guarantee to have the best of the best on set.

Model placement – Campaign meets model

Once a model new face has been set up, it goes to the equally targeted mediation. Here we look in particular for our customers and clients, which model fits to which job. For customers we search as casting agency therefore in the apron, from the different Portfolios, the suitable candidates and present them in a short and clear form, digitally or in the personal Meeting. Thereupon our customers can decide for their favourite model. No matter which production or fashion show it is, we will find your model!

The mediation of models includes more than just the administration. Here it concerns constant pictorial material update, high-quality Testshootings with photographers or also internal production by our model agency. Thus our models and customers always have top current material. So what matters is that the material is always up to date, that the character is optimally represented by the selection of images and videos, but also that we suggest for jobs. Because castings and offers get many models to find out the real diamonds, that is the challenge. Just like always, the construction of models.

Become a model: Without detours

Become a model, that’s what many people want! No matter if you are 14, 15 or 16 years old, the earlier you start modeling, the better. But as a rule you should not be younger than 15 years, because before that it is all about basic education, school and learning, learning, learning. Until the end of school you have time to build yourself up. You can gradually gain valuable experience during the first small test shoots but also during the first jobs. Of course, many of them start at the age of 18, 19 or 21. We as model agency and mother agency help you to go a direct and promising way – directly and without detours. With our experience and expertise we bring models already with young years to extremely good photographers, in order to get for you exclusive and good material. The more extensive your model book is, the easier it is for customers to see you as a model in the campaign.

You want to be a model?

When’s the best time to start? We also have a lot of tips for you:

Become a model: Abroad and coaching

The better the diversity of the model is represented, the more successful are the prospects for castings and jobs. That’s why we as an agency don’t just make sure that models get very good pictures quickly, we also organise trainings with model coach, so that young models can learn even more effectively and quickly. Because the job is demanding! With such a Model Coaching experienced Models come and pass their expert’s assessment on to the young generation. In the Coachings it concerns more than only Posing. It is about self-consciousness, it is about how one enters rooms and how one occupies rooms for oneself, as well as people and groups and recipients of advertising campaigns. Because as a model, you are the focus of every shooting. Success depends to a large extent on you. The bigger and more complex the production, the more expensive the costs are for the customer. As a model agency, we prepare our new faces from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf for their future, so that they shine from the very first job!

CM on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

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Modeling from Berlin to Los Angeles

Who are we? We ourselves work internationally and our pages are not only placed on page one in Germany. Through our international service page for model mediation MAO we are on page 1 worldwide and thus the strongest digital model agency in Europe, America and Asia: From Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, Miami to Paris and also in many other cities. Our network helps our models and our customers. Today we work not only with German customers but also with many international brands. Our models shooten for jobs in Germany or are for journeys one week on the way, from a country to the next. Advantage: One agency, fast communication, top service from planning to travel.

We offer the best models in Germany, help you in Europe and mediate worldwide. Thus you have not only the optimal partner as international mark, but also the best partner, if it concerns young Brands and growth. As a young model we offer you excellent contacts for stays abroad (On Stay) from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Germany, EU & USA: One contact

Due to our worldwide placement, we also came into contact with international model management at an early stage. More complex contracts, long planning and security, big tasks. Our agency has built up a great deal of expertise here from the very beginning and works with agencies all over the world. These include not only renowned agencies in the USA such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, but also the Asian mega metropolises around Shanghai, Taiwan and Bangkok. Especially the Asian market is for models and for the entire advertising world, a gigantically new world, because over a billion people live here, the advertising market develops and models can today, through the entire world travel and earn money. While the markets used to focus on Europe and America, there are now model agencies all over the world. Models now travel across all continents for jobs and advertising campaigns. As a model agency we help our models to find the best agencies abroad and thus have the greatest possible success.

become a model

Influencer, Instagram and Youtube

As a model agency we are naturally at the plus of time and through our customers we are also often in contact with media production, advising like an advertising agency. No matter if it is about social media content, e.g. YouTube videos or Instagram photo shootings or also the cooperation with influencers for advertising campaigns. Therefore we help our customers with inquiries also gladly in the topic media production and marketing further. We will put you in touch with experts for challenging projects. As Creative Art Director Oliver Rudolph is the head of our creative division. He not only makes sure that the perfect models are on our board as chief scout but also that photo shoots always achieve the excellence they are supposed to achieve. In addition, we produce more and more film material about the shootings, his small backstage video for the launch of the campaign, short Instagram videos or YouTube videos. So at the end of the photo shoot you have more than «just» the photo campaigns.

Influencer Management and Consulting

What are influencers? Influencers reach extremely many people. This target group is very interesting for many brands, because it is organic and very accurately identifiable. The targeted «application» is called influencer marketing. As Influencer one calls the marks in its videos or in its photos, one builds them into the picture or video material also. Thus the mark is present with the own target group. The more frequently one accomplishes this action, the more the thought sets itself to the mark name and/or the name even in the head. As in classical advertising, the more often something is mentioned, the better known it becomes. Many models are influencers, by nature! Therefore our agency mediates as one of the first Blogger for campaigns and Events. We have expertise in different areas, whether single bookings of influencers for Instagram or more complex constructs, larger campaigns or events and the booking of up to 20 or 30 influencers. They are so popular because their target group is extremely close to that of fashion brands, all lifestyle and luxury products.







Take a look at selected clients & references here.

Fashion & Co.

For Clients – Agency, Management and Model Casting

We arrange models for national and international fashion, media and advertising productions. Our clients are very different, from photographers for magazine photo shoots to large advertising agencies, with large productions. With first-class management we ensure that you can fully rely on your models. Punctuality. Ambition. Motivation. These are the quality characteristics that our customers appreciate in their cooperation. We are therefore very happy about new contacts and opportunities for our models.

We rely on consistent performance – The exclusive selection of models always guarantees our customers good results. The mix of talent, personality and ambition determines the success of every campaign. We recommend and select our clients in order to save risks and valuable time in the production process. With CM you will find talents with trained body awareness, camera presence and mimic strength.

We manage appointments, dispositions, contracts and more so that you can concentrate fully. Our team is always open for questions. We appreciate the personal contact and also help New Faces on their way to a model career. We market models through our media and networks. At CM you are placed on one of the strongest agency sites. Over 25,000 visitors a month from Germany alone! You can also reach thousands of international visitors.

We want to promote and demand young humans, new Models purposefully. Thus we prepare Models already in recent years for medium work. Only few Modelagenturen in Germany offer that – like we. Long-term as perspective, which we establish our Models lastingly in the medium industry. Agency and model are a team. Modeling is always a common path and a common experience. With increasing success, the market value rises, of course also the number of inquiries, demands, and much more. We keep your back free.


Model Manager – Well networked in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf & Co.

Since the beginning of 2015, we as an agency have been managing the interaction of models & clients. CM sets trends, 25.000 visitors per month, 7.000 Facebook Likes, 18.000 Instagram followers. That attracts attention! Bento from Spiegel Online, taff, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, RTL Explosiv and Sat1 Frühstücksfernsehn, many have already been guests at our agency. This shows how quickly and effectively we work as model agents – at any time, even for your media project.

Model management with style & reach

Success through online marketing and audience reach – Through events such as our showroom, castings from Düsseldorf to Berlin and of course through media appearances at RTL & Co. we quickly established ourselves as a model agency in Germany. We owe this success to classical marketing, but above all to the new online methods. We make CM the brand for quality in model management with diligence, good work, but also look, style and design. Although our agency still has the classic chic of a model agency at first glance, the second glance shows that there is more to it. All this and more, offers your brand, your production an interesting alternative to the established model agencies in Germany.

Direct, Runway, Fitness

With a focus on beauty, fashion and commercial (advertising), we specifically promote selected models and train them, with coaching from professionals in the fashion industry, posing, acting. We guarantee perfect results for your direct bookings. CM Runway Models work for leading designers. In showrooms they present your brand safely and with friends. For runways and catwalks we coach our CM runway models especially, with experienced experts, in choreography, walk and end posing for your showroom or catwalk. CM Fitness Models represent a wide range of sports. In front of the camera, as presenters, professional athletes or for customers of the health, wellness, fitness and sports industry.

Focus on strong personalities – Models & Social Media

Excerpt (PM, 11/2015): «The digital world plays a central role for our model agency, in the entire media and model construction. Models are not only part of a card index and are called up when needed», explains founder and owner Stephan M. Czaja. For the agency and him, in particular sophisticated talent promotion and media development are a central focus in the sustainable development of a strong media model career. The concept for modern marketing of advertising, fashion and products by models is the mix of personality and reach – Instagram, Facebook, all these factors play a role in the selection for large jobs today. That’s why CM Models is very interested in the personal strengths and interests of the models. He says, «There were big names, whether Schiffer or Campbell, and now we’re coming back to unique personalities,» less influenced by outside influences than by their own media presence through social networks and the right choice of model agency. This means that, in addition to skill, talent and photos, reach is now also a key selling point in the media and advertising industry. 

As an up-and-coming model file, we also and especially focus on youth work with our Newfaces. We coach our models on an international level – exclusively for our agency models. With temperament and passion we pursue consistently our goal to catch up to the top agencies, also as model agency in Berlin. Our vision as a model agency are advertising films, fashion and Couture on a completely new level. Modeln like in the golden years. Only with Online Marketing, with Youtube, with Facebook and Instagram. Our Model Management Team has only been in the fashion and media market since 2015 and is already on page 1 on Google & Co. for «Model Agency». Tips, tutorials and more can be found on become a model.

Application, Casting & Jobs!

More details about castings, gosees, photographers, and much more.